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The mention of Kanpur city brings to mind beautifully stitched leather products, Greenpark Cricket Stadium and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Of course, these are not the only things worth perusing in Kanpur. For instance, the Jain Temple is an architectural marvel in glass that is awesome to behold. Similarly, the Kamla Retreat is a conglomeration of beautiful gardens and unique antique collections. Malls, temples, parks, zoo, etc – you will find everything in Kanpur. Vacationing in this place, should be well worth your time and money.

Cake Delivery in Kanpur

While you are there, you are bound to stay with a family or take up residence in a hotel/lodge. Wonderful hospitality merits wonderful parting gifts. A well-baked and well-packaged cake should come in handy. After all, everyone, young or old, loves cakes. If you contact Cake To India and outline your specifications, we should be able to handle a timely cake delivery in Kanpur. We have all kinds of cakes on display for you, suitable for every celebratory event that comes up during the year. They are colourful, uniquely patterned and superbly yummy in taste. However, since you are interested in a thank you gift, we suggest that you opt for our ‘heart’ wonders. After all, you are leaving your heart behind, while leaving Kanpur.

Pineapple Cake in Kanpur

Weighing 1 kg, this confectionary is an eggless marvel too! You will long to plunge your fingers into the creamy smoothness of the charmingly white cake with tiny pineapple slices outlining the edges of the heart! Sweet and bright cherries dot the surface too. Even after you finish consuming the cake, you will keep licking your fingers, demanding more. Eggless Cakes are very popular in Kanpur. If your recipient is a vegetarian, our Eggless Cakes will be the best gift for any occasion for him. You can place order to send eggless cakes to Kanpur

Strawberry Cake Delivery in Kanpur

Ooh, is there anyone in the world who does not like strawberries? Of course, there isn’t! The cake looks plain enough, but the icy decorations placed on the top and bottom of the cake suffice to grant it a different look. These decorations are a splendid mixture of white and red. There is even a glorious centrepiece. These cakes are also available for midnight delivery. You can send Midnight Cakes to Kanpur

Double-Tiered Cake in Kanpur

Would you like the butterscotch preparation, displaying two intertwined hearts? They convey a strong message about bonding. The blend of brown, cream, yellow and soft orange hues is splendid to behold. We consider this cake to be a work of art, and are justifiably proud of our bakers. Tier Cakes are our speciality in Kanpur. However the cakes need atleast 1 day advance order. Alternatively, you may go in for a vanilla-chocolate combination. The tiers of chocolate and vanilla appear separate, yet perfectly compatible with one another.

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